Current Projects

Talking News Site & App

The apps we have made to date are not only highly specialised, they are also very unique in that they encapsulate more than ones average user. One app we have developed is called Talking News, which takes the local news from your region and plays it on your smartphone or tablet device (supports both Apple and Android). Well that doesn’t sound very special does it? However, we forgot to mention that the users are blind/partially-sighted and fully rely on auditory feedback and the use of gesture based interaction, as well as the use of the accelerometer to navigate through the app. Also, once the weekly news has been downloaded onto ones device they can then listen to it for 30 days, anywhere in the world, without an internet connection. When the user returns to an area with a network connection their app is updated with the latest news and magazine articles from their region. Talking News has been designing and developed for our client The Cotswold Listener, who deliver Talking Newspapers to the blind.

Future Developments to this projects include:

  • Other local Talking Newspapers using the site we have developed for The Cotswold Listener – with the added ability to personalise it with their logo, graphics and textual input.
  • Allowing for the people who record the local news to do so away from their office space, with the use of an iPad, and upload it to the site, all without the need for travel and the expenses of office space.


iPad Apps for individuals with dyslexia & dyspraxia

Currently we are working on an app that helps students with dyslexia, with the possilbilty of a future inclusion of expanding the app so that it works for students with dyspraxia also. This app requires the usage and availability of  2 iPads – 1 for the student & 1 for the tutor. The student and tutor can alternate between who is in control, in terms of flicking through the pages of the stories. When the student is stuck on a particular word, they tap the screen and it is highlighted, which is visible to the tutor-  they then use FaceTime to speak to each other. Provided both users have a good network connection the app can work remotely, which allows for remote teaching & learning, which is a process that is increasing in popularity.

This app is a working progress and given the response to the user testing of the pilot app, this app could potentially be highly beneficial to many people. The client Prof. Colin Terrell, of Aspire Psychologists will continue to test the app with the intended users until the point of completion, as we feel that the users should be just as engaged with the product as the development team and client, as of course they are the recipents and prime users of this app.

Future Developments to this projects include:

  • The app already engages the student with learning to read, and we are looking to further develop the app so that students can also learn mathematics and problem solving.
  • As well as the tap & swipe functionality to move through the teaching tools, we are developing a handwriting/drawing function to our app, thus allowing the students to use the iPad as they would a whiteboard.

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